Do you need to reinstate a company to the Register at Companies House?

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Whether it is to recover assets (money in a company bank account, property, land etc.) or to continue trading with the company, we can take you through the process step by step. Our team are experienced and deliver a highly professional and cost-effective service. We believe that charging excessive fees for company restoration is wrong.

There are two routes to reinstate a company; either via Court Order or through administrative restoration. The method of restoration depends on whether the company was dissolved or struck off. It can also depend on the purpose of restoring the company.

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limited company restorations

Court Order Restoration

If a DS01 form (to dissolve a company voluntarily) was filed, then the company must be restored via the Courts. You have the option to either continue trading with the company, or recover assets.

Cost of process
  •   £280 (no VAT charged) payable to the Courts to be paid at the beginning of the process
  •   £300 (no VAT charged) payable to the Registrar of Companies approximately halfway through the process
  •   Our fees from £400
  •   Farrer & Co costs, if applicable see Additional Fees

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Administrative Restoration

If the company was struck off due to non-compliance (failure to file the statutory documents) then you are eligible to use the administrative restoration method.

Cost of process
  • £64 Treasury Solicitors fee
  • £100 Registrar of Companies fee
  • Our fees from £139
  • Annual Return filing fees and late filing penalties, if applicable

Please note all outstanding accounts and annual returns must be brought up to date and filed. Any late filing penalties will still apply and will need to be paid in order for the company to be restored.

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When was the company struck off?

Less than 6 years ago Over 6 years ago

Why do you want to restore the company?

To recover assets (money/property) To continue trading

The best solution is:

Court order restoration

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The best solution is:

Administrative restoration

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limited company restorations
Please note

Since 1st October 2015, only companies that have been dissolved for less than six years may apply for restoration to the Register (s. 1030 Companies Act 2006). If a company has been dissolved for more than six years it unfortunately cannot be restored. The only exception to this is where a company is being restored in order to pursue a personal injury claim.