Additional Services

Our fee’s are dependent on the type and purpose of restoration.

Extra services may be required with fee’s as described below:


If at the time of restoration, there is a new company on the register with a similar name, you may be required to change the company name.

This will have no effect if you need to recover assets or continue trading, as the company will have the same number and history as before it was struck off the register. The fee for a change of name will be £10.



If the registered office of the dissolved company is situated in the Duchy of Cornwall or Lancaster at the date of dissolution, the property of the company does not belong to the Crown but to its respective Duchy. A Waiver Letter therefore cannot be applied for to the Treasury Solicitor but to the Solicitor to the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster, Farrer and Co. There will therefore be their additional fee to pay of £175 plus VAT.



If you are recovering assets, the Court will order you to strike the company off again through Companies House, usually within six months of the company being restored. The fee to strike a company off is £10.



If you are restoring the company to continue trading, you will need to update all the outstanding statutory documents, and pay any related fees. The fee for filing a Confirmation Statement (previously Annual Return) is £40.

The late filing penalties occur if the Accounts are overdue whilst the company was still active. Any Accounts that became overdue whilst the company was dissolved do not incur late filing penalties. If you would like to know an estimated amount, please contact us for more information.



When restoring a company through the Courts, you are given a hearing date, which is normally 3 months after the application is made. If the matter is not completed before this date, then it may get adjourned to for another 3 months. The cost per adjourned hearing is £30.